Sunday, June 15, 2014

Hard Time Forgetting... Seinabo Sey


         I finally found time to blog about an artist I just discovered, but first: BIG shout out to my favorite website Afropunk! I've discovered so much music, and fashion from these guys; and I'm always excited when I find unbelievable talent. The songbird I'm excited to tell you about is from Sweden, and she's currently signed to Universal Music Label. Her name is Seinabo Sey.

        There isn't much info on her, the website only has links to her music and social media pages. Although I would like to get more facts about her, I actually like that she's so mysterious. Instead of focusing on where she's from, or whether or not she's a trained singer- I'm forced to just sit back and enjoy the music.

Seinabo Sey " Hard Time"
         She has a baby face, and the cords of a woman twice her age. Seinabo has a gospel, and blues quality about her voice, and I have no doubt that she probably sounds amazing at her live shows. I'm looking forward to a full length album from her, until then check out the newest single, "Hard Time". When I watch this video, I want to throw a house party and invite all my girlfriends over, but who would help me clean up afterwards?

I think I'll let Seinabo have all the fun.

        Check out my little list of favorites from Seinabo.
1) My Sunshine
2) Younger
3) Change Your Mind

Visit Seinabo's Website for social media info:

Seinabo Sey

Peace and Blessings
Miks N.K.A Tami-Lee

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