Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen, Olamide Faison

   "The best expression is self expression . The stage is my gun , my songs are the bullets and the people are my targets"- Olamide Faison

Video: Olamide "Dear Lamz" Live at the Bitter End 

( I love this Song!!!)

Jamal Hampton from Imajin is on drums

   I was going to title this blog,  "Hey, do you remember this guy?" but I decided not too. If your old enough to remember the 1999 hit "Shorty (You Keep Playin with My Mind)", watched Sesame Street in between 2003-2005, and haven't been living under a rock- you know exactly who this guy is. This artist was signed to Jive records when he was a member of Imajin, an R&B group from the late 1990s,and now he's on his own making sweet, original music. He's a singer, songwriter, and guitarist from Hell's Kitchen, New York.

 Ladies and Gentlemen I give you: Olamide Faison, 

      Faison's new EP  "Live from The Bitter End" has seven tracks that will make you feel like you've step out of your world and into another. This EP is full of instruments, meaningful lyrics, and Olamide- he's a poet armed with a guitar and a voice worthy of a Grammy. His music will bring chills up your spine, and tears in your eyes. Every song is so personal and heartfelt that you feel like you've met him before- perhaps even shared a laugh or a handshake somewhere in Hell's Kitchen

       Whether you live in NYC, the U.K., or some small town "Live from The Bitter End"  brings an energy that you'll only find in The Big Apple. This EP is full of timeless music, and it's practically honey to your ears. Faison is a true talent and I wish him much success. Support Good Music! 

 Check out his first solo release: Olamide "Live from The Bitter End" on

Find Olamide on

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Monday, November 7, 2011

Who sings it better?

Prototype by Andre 3000 sung by Siaira Shawn

Who sings it better?

Siaira Shawn is the singer you haven't heard in awhile. There are no auto tunes, and no studio help to make this girl sound good- She can sang!!! She's the type of singer that makes other singers ( or those who think they are) want to sing. I came across her music on Issa Rae's blog ( The Awkward Black Girl), and I was blown away by this rich sound. Big ups to this natural "sista" and check out her website for more info. I haven't been this impressed with a singer since Chris Marsol; here she is singing "Prototype" by Andre 3000. Personally, she sings it better than he does.

So who sings it better?
You decide.... Leave Your Comment

Peace and Blessings!

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Friday, October 14, 2011

Download this Mix

If you enjoy music by artist such as Sade, Drake, Mr. Hudson, Maroon 5, Incubus- then check out Songs About  Her  by DJ Niko Star.

but wait- Sade and Incubus on the same Mix?

Believe me- No one does it like Niko Star. This mix is for the real music lover, and I guarantee you will enjoy it. This is personally my favorite mellow mix of the year, so it's only right that I share it with you. Download and enjoy- "Get your mellow on" and Thank me later :-)


For more information on Niko Star, visit:
Check out Niko Star Every Friday 3-6pm EST on

Niko Star
"Songs About Her"

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A mellow mix of some music that is nostalgic for one reason or another.

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Good Ol Chuck- Apollo

               So Apollo is a good friend of my cousin Chrys ( Roses International Stand Up!!!!), and we met when he came to visit Hollywood, Fl . I think I may have even shared a Black and Mild with this man, but I had no idea he was so talented.  I shouldn't have been surprised though, I mean he is a member of Def Team: Hear Us Out and he's my cousin's friend (ROSES!)- they are all talented.

On a personal level, Apollo is a great person and very down to earth.  His mix tape, Good Ol Chuck is on and I highly recommend it. I have never put a wack artist on this blog, and I never will- Apollo is Song Love tested and ADWM approved. My favorite songs on the mix tape are Royal Flush,  Wack Rapper GenocideCarolina Bluz- I like ALL THE SONGS ON THERE.  

               I can't compare him to anyone. He doesn't sound like Drake, or Weezy- but with a name like APOLLO you have to be an original. After all, Apollo is the god of music; so if  he decided that he wanted to be a young evolving rapper between the ages of 18-25 he'd choose to be this native of WINSTON-SALEM , North Carolina. The name fits the man. 

Watch this video of Apollo and click the link below to listen.

                               Click  Good Ol Chuck to Listen

Big Ups! 
and Enjoy!
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I give this artist 5 out of 5 stars.

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It's Must See Radio 

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Monday, June 20, 2011

Extension of a Woman Blog

When I'm not blogging about  or playing the Best Independent and Unsigned artist WORLD WIDE, I have another blog called " Extension of a Woman"- I'm just sharing my thoughts and others things on the blog, would love some feed back so if you aren't following it, I would love it if you checked me out.

I just posted a Spin off to my poem " The Perfect Reality" called " Jiggle" from Spoken Word Artist Moses West aka Moe, Find him on Facebook and inquire about his album " The Beautiful Mistake" you'll be glad you did.

Peace and Blessings

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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Get Right Entertainment-"I Live It" Official Trailer

Check out Mr. Get Right- an unsigned artist from North Florida. He is one of my favorite artist here in the city, and his mixtape "Mr.Get Right Exclusive" is hitting the streets soon. For more information on Mr. Get Right visit  and join his mailing list for updates on music, shows, and more...

Here is his new video " I Live It" the Official Trailer.

Who is Mr. Get Right??? That's a great question. I put him in the hot seat and asked him some questions about his mixtape, this life, and other things- Check it out and leave feedback


Enjoy the videos and me in action!
Take it easy, and there is more to come
Peace and Many Blessings 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Hello Friends, Readers, and Haters!

Song Love ADWM was suppose to come back on January 15th 2011, but I had major surgery. There was a tumor in my chest , but I'm recovering nicely. I promise there will be a show in 2011,  until then please enjoy the previous episodes, and share it with friends.

The blog has been re-vamped, and you will notice a few changes while I'm recovering. Please don't forget that if you are on Facebook " Like" our fan page, Click Here.

You can also Follow me on Twitter @ Songlove84
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One more thing, I would like to apologize to ALL THE ARTIST, AND THE PEOPLE WHO TUNE IN- I WILL NOTIFY EVERYONE WHEN WE ARE BACK ON THE AIR. I also want to a apologize to Director  Charles Clemmons- Charles I'm sorry I didn't get to post " Run This Town" on Song Love in January, and I'd like to make up for it. Check out Charles Clemmons and his webseries, "Run This Town" 
                                                                   YAAAY for Episode 5!!!!!
                                                                  Run This Town Episode 5
                                          Features special guest Natalie Nunn from the Bad Girls Club

See what you've missed! 
Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4

Big shout out to the Cinematographer & Visual Effects Artist for  " Run This Town"  Eric A. Wahl and Brenden Wing