Friday, April 18, 2014

The Maestro, STROMAE

   So I know it’s been a while boys and girls, but I came across some music and it has pulled me out of blogger hiding. There are a lot of things that inspire me, but attractive men are in the top ten. Handsome men maybe my vice, but handsome FOREIGN men are my kryptonite. I was in my own world being a film student, and suddenly a beautiful French man popped up on my Facebook feed via Afropunk. I had to come back to Song Love and tell you all about him.  He’s from Belgium and of Rwandan and Dutch decent, he’s 6’5, green eyes with a hint of yellow, and he has an awesome line of Polo’s and socks.

He’s also a Pisces, which means we are totally compatible (Team Leo).  I think I need to move to Belgium because apparently that’s where the beautiful people live. Ladies and gentlemen I’m done rambling, this gorgeous man’s name is Stromae.

The singer, songwriter, producer gained popularity with his 2009 song Alors on dance (So We Dance), the song is about everyday problems that we all have and it was an instant hit in France. The song also became number one in countries such as Albania, Austria, Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, France, Belgium, Germany, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, and many others. It was also number one on the European Hot 100 Singles (wiki). His debut album “Cheese” was released in 2010 and it went gold and platinum in 15 countries ( In 2013, he released his second album Racine Carrée (Square Root) which includes the very popular songs Papaoutai” (Where are you, Papa?) and “Formidable” (Wonderful).  Papaoutai is about a young boy dealing with the absence of his father and Formidable was inspired by an encounter he had with a drunken homeless man. Both albums are fantastic and packed with energizing music and poetic lyrics.


            Honestly, it’s hard to put Stromae in a genre, although there are different opinions about his style, I classify him as a mixologist of music. His influences included: Hip- Hop, Congolese rumba, salsa, electronica, and something called French chanson. Some say his lyrics are a bit dark even with the instrumentals that make you move, you’re listening to lyrics about absent fatherhood, economic/relationship troubles, drunken sorrow, the dangers of love and twitter, STD’s and the list goes on. Stromae once dubbed his style as “suicide music” but I like to think of it as conscious music instead. He talks about real life issues and circumstances all while making us dance. He may do it all in French, but that doesn’t stop me from listening to him- and it shouldn’t stop you either. If you were bumpin’ "Gangnam style" in the club or in your car, you have no excuses. Go right ahead, open your mind and give Stromae a chance. Personally I like conscious music, it’s a break from hearing those “Twerk sumthing” and “I got diamond breath mints in my mouth” songs- okay I made the last one up, but I may have given someone an idea. You’re welcome. 

         This beautiful man may not be an American artist but there are rumors that he will be working with and Pharrell Williams. Kanye West was on the remix for Alors on dance and Angel Haze has also contributed to the remix of “Papaoutai”. This Belgium pop star could be on your radio sooner than you think. In closing, check out the Videos for Papaoutai and comment below. Meanwhile, I’ll be working on graduating film school, learning French, and trying to figure out when and where the next Stromae tour is.
 Until next time everyone, and I promise it will be soon! I hope you like my new imaginary boyfriend, and his music!

         And a message to Stromae: Je t'aime! Quand revenez-vous à l'Amérique? J'aimerais venir à votre concert. Je vais aussi voyager.

If this translates wrong don't judge me I used Google translate. :-) Okay Bye- au revoir

Peace and Blessings
Now enjoy the music!!!!


Oooh I almost forgot. Stromae is a syllabic inversion of "Maestro”- like a slang word in Belgium.
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"... Tell us who gave responsibility without caring

Ah tell us who it is
Everyone knows how to make a child
But no one knows how to be a father.

...Tell me, where are you papa?
 Without even talking to him he knows what he did is wrong
It’s holy papa, tell me where are you broken, you must
It’s been at least one thousand times, I counted my fingers

Where are you? Papa, where are you?" -
Stromae, Papaoutai
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                                             Check out translated over by CUT-Papaoutai