Thursday, September 29, 2011

Good Ol Chuck- Apollo

               So Apollo is a good friend of my cousin Chrys ( Roses International Stand Up!!!!), and we met when he came to visit Hollywood, Fl . I think I may have even shared a Black and Mild with this man, but I had no idea he was so talented.  I shouldn't have been surprised though, I mean he is a member of Def Team: Hear Us Out and he's my cousin's friend (ROSES!)- they are all talented.

On a personal level, Apollo is a great person and very down to earth.  His mix tape, Good Ol Chuck is on and I highly recommend it. I have never put a wack artist on this blog, and I never will- Apollo is Song Love tested and ADWM approved. My favorite songs on the mix tape are Royal Flush,  Wack Rapper GenocideCarolina Bluz- I like ALL THE SONGS ON THERE.  

               I can't compare him to anyone. He doesn't sound like Drake, or Weezy- but with a name like APOLLO you have to be an original. After all, Apollo is the god of music; so if  he decided that he wanted to be a young evolving rapper between the ages of 18-25 he'd choose to be this native of WINSTON-SALEM , North Carolina. The name fits the man. 

Watch this video of Apollo and click the link below to listen.

                               Click  Good Ol Chuck to Listen

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I give this artist 5 out of 5 stars.

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