Sunday, September 16, 2012

Rik Reed- It's a "Done Deal"

There are Christian/Inspirational artists, and then there is Rik Reed. This Jacksonville, Florida native is in a league all his own.  He’s a rapper, singer, and music producer that is not limited to just Hip-Hop and Soul; he produces Rock and even Country music as well- he refuses to be constrained to one genre of music.  While listening to Rik Reed’s music, don’t wait for him to get overly religious; he keeps a perfect balance of dope music and Christianity, no matter what your belief is- you can listen to Rik Reed.

            This multi-talent artist does not deny his love for Christ, and he takes pride in spreading the message with swag; however, his album “Done Deal” isn’t just a Christian album, he has songs for the ladies as well, but it’s clean enough for your grandmother to listen too. “Acapella” and “About U” will keep both of your heads bopping. Tracks like “ Bazkin Robinz”, and “Everything was you and me” talks about love and heartbreak without leaving out Christ. “Done Deal” isn’t just music about God, it’s the musical of one man’s life and his love for the man upstairs.

            Rik Reed doesn’t have to establish himself as a force to be reckoned with- he already is. He’s been making music for quit sometime, and just keeps getting better. No matter your faith, your walk of life, or music preference- you will respect the man and the message.  

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