Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen, Olamide Faison

   "The best expression is self expression . The stage is my gun , my songs are the bullets and the people are my targets"- Olamide Faison

Video: Olamide "Dear Lamz" Live at the Bitter End 

( I love this Song!!!)

Jamal Hampton from Imajin is on drums

   I was going to title this blog,  "Hey, do you remember this guy?" but I decided not too. If your old enough to remember the 1999 hit "Shorty (You Keep Playin with My Mind)", watched Sesame Street in between 2003-2005, and haven't been living under a rock- you know exactly who this guy is. This artist was signed to Jive records when he was a member of Imajin, an R&B group from the late 1990s,and now he's on his own making sweet, original music. He's a singer, songwriter, and guitarist from Hell's Kitchen, New York.

 Ladies and Gentlemen I give you: Olamide Faison, 

      Faison's new EP  "Live from The Bitter End" has seven tracks that will make you feel like you've step out of your world and into another. This EP is full of instruments, meaningful lyrics, and Olamide- he's a poet armed with a guitar and a voice worthy of a Grammy. His music will bring chills up your spine, and tears in your eyes. Every song is so personal and heartfelt that you feel like you've met him before- perhaps even shared a laugh or a handshake somewhere in Hell's Kitchen

       Whether you live in NYC, the U.K., or some small town "Live from The Bitter End"  brings an energy that you'll only find in The Big Apple. This EP is full of timeless music, and it's practically honey to your ears. Faison is a true talent and I wish him much success. Support Good Music! 

 Check out his first solo release: Olamide "Live from The Bitter End" on

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