Monday, November 7, 2011

Who sings it better?

Prototype by Andre 3000 sung by Siaira Shawn

Who sings it better?

Siaira Shawn is the singer you haven't heard in awhile. There are no auto tunes, and no studio help to make this girl sound good- She can sang!!! She's the type of singer that makes other singers ( or those who think they are) want to sing. I came across her music on Issa Rae's blog ( The Awkward Black Girl), and I was blown away by this rich sound. Big ups to this natural "sista" and check out her website for more info. I haven't been this impressed with a singer since Chris Marsol; here she is singing "Prototype" by Andre 3000. Personally, she sings it better than he does.

So who sings it better?
You decide.... Leave Your Comment

Peace and Blessings!

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