Saturday, October 31, 2009

“What What” It’s Time You Heard ZuQuan!

I have an artist that you are just going to love! ZuQuan is a singer/songwriter from Chattanooga, TN. He currently lives in Brooklyn, New York; he has collaborated with artist such as RUN-DMC, Eddie F, Jack Knight, Phil Hamilton (guitarist), and Gordon Chambers.  After going on tour with RUN- DMC, he would have a very interesting story to tell, “…I was entrusted with the keys to the group’s limousine. But after the show, I was so caught up with meeting people and greeting fans that I prevented the group from having a speedy exit from the venue. It was a very, very long ride home when I finally unlocked the limo doors.” I can imagine it was, ZuQuan, but it’s hard to imagine Rev. Run being angry: he seems so calm.
ZuQuan worked with Robert Donzella of Bo-Ty Productions, LLC - The place with the “Label Sound”- for his single, “What What”. The song is a musical gumbo of adult R&B and Smooth Jazz with an acoustic guitar to top it off.  It’s the kind of song you can listen to while riding out in your 2009 BMW 3 Series Convertible with your hair blowing in the wind, and everyone in traffic has their eye on you- turn your speakers up, so they all know this music is only for the “Grown and Sexy”- but if you don’t have a BMW your car will do just fine (I don’t have one either). Oh yeah, fellas, if you want to send that girl a subliminal message, this is the tune for you: You can ask her, “What What”, and bop your head at the same time.  I give this song all stars. You can buy ZuQuan’s, “What What” at, iTunes, and   
Rhapsody.  For more information on this artist and other 
artist at Bo-Ty Productions go to:

Enjoy this song, and support this artist.
 You can buy this song at iTunes, Amazon, and Rhapsody
Here is a Clip of ZuQuan's "What What":

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