Tuesday, June 24, 2014

FKA Twigs and Stromae have done it again.....

 "...Feel your body closin'
I can break it open
Suck me up I'm healing
With all the shit you're dealing
FKA Twigs- Two Weeks

 Wow! I should have waited to make that last post because our girl FKA Twigs has done it again! She has just released her new video: " Two Weeks", and it's quite sensual. It reminds me of Kanye West's Video "Power" but more feminine, sexy, and more Twigs. Now, I'm not saying that she took the idea from Kanye, but if you watch the videos together, you can see that the cinematography is similar.  I love this song, and I LOVE her baby hair- I should get a tooth brush and try to achieve that look- If you don't get it, you never will.

 Also, Stromae has released his new video Ta Fete! It's the Belgium Soccer Team ( Red Devils) Anthem, and the video feels like a Gladiator movie. What's interesting about it is that he mentions the idea in one of his Lesson Videos. It was Lesson 28, and he talked about the concept to the players on the team, it seemed a little "too much" for them - and even for the audience- but he made it happen. To all you Stromae fans, he isn't in it much, but the clip is beautiful, and has a deep message. Looking forward to seeing what this very handsome entertainer will do next.  ENJOY!

So what do you think?

Tami ( MIks)

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