Thursday, June 26, 2014

Gwen Bunn, Collard Greens, and More...

Decisions, Decisions. Today I have stumbled upon singer/songwriter Gwen Bunn, but there is one problem... I can't decide on what song I want to feature!!!

I have three of her songs and I can't figure out which one I like the most. They're from her album "The Verdict", and all three tracks are absolutely amazing.  There's "Let Me", "Turn The Lights Out", "Right Now", and RIGHT NOW I've decided to add another one, "Epitome".  I know I have to feature one, but before I make my pick, Who is Gwen Bunn?

 The singer/songwriter from Decatur, Georgia began playing piano at the age of 10; she really wanted to play sports, but when she was asked to sing lead for her church choir one Sunday morning, she put all her focus into music. By the time she auditioned for The Berklee College of Music she could play several instruments. The coolest thing about this artist is she's the co-producer of Schoolboy Q's single "Collard Greens".


"I went out to Los Angeles to vibe with producers and artists that I had connected with through Twitter, one of which was Rick Bricks from the production team THC. We all started working on music together and the track that became "Collard Greens" was one of the last ones during that particular stay...  He actually threw that beat away and wanted to move on to something else but I stopped him from doing that and added a bassline to his drum kick beat. After I put the bassline in, I added the synthesizers and completed the drum beat.... After I had flown back to Georgia, the guys from THC told me that they had a session with Schoolboy Q and he chose that very beat and said that it was the one for him... that stay was my first time ever coming out to Los Angeles and it produced the first single for a number one selling album. That wasn't in my plans at all. I just wanted to go out there and do my best on whatever I happened to work on. I hope that more female hip-hop producers can experience something like that." 
- Gwen Bunn  interview with

Bunn shows no signs of slowing down, she is still working on her next album Melody Dungeon, and plans to work with other producers. This 21 year old artist is bond to be a star.

So I've picked a song... DRUM ROLL....

                Turn The Lights Out- THE VERDICT


Enjoy the music!
Peace and Blessings

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