Sunday, November 15, 2009

It's the Weekend!!!! (Well it was the weekend, but here is something to help you reflect)

If you’re in college and enjoy Beer Pong, Toga Parties, or any party for that matter- Boy, do I have an EP for you! Red Arlington’s “Long Weekend” is the soundtrack for good times, and college life. If it were up to me, I would call this album- “MIks, You Should Have Gone to a University Vol. 1”. Seriously, I’m kind of jealous! This guy is clearly having more fun than me, but it’s cool, I still have great memories of my community college vacations: Shout out to all my Jamaicans, and Manchester, Mandeville family!

Now back to my thoughts on Red Arlington:

These songs will get stuck in your head; one of my favorite tracks and Red’s first single, “Textually Frustrated” will have you laughing and dancing all at once. Red decided to make an album around these common things: pouring drinks, meeting girls, and yes partying. His goal was to deliver genre less music that could be played all around the country.

You must be wondering what my all time favorite song is on the album, and Why? Well, “It’s the Weekend” is the track I’m just dying to let you hear. This song reminds me of all the times I got “stupid drunk”; the chorus pretty much narrates all the moments I spent at the bar, and the craziness afterwards.

On my 21st birthday, my good friend and I went to a bar and got so wasted. I thought I wouldn’t be able to walk to the car, but all of a sudden she started vomiting on my shoes- I sobered up quickly to help my friend in need, and it pretty much killed the mood ( Hey Girl!). I’m so glad I stopped drinking, but I wish this song was out around that time, it would have made the night more memorable.

So guys, this song is dedicated to all you party animals! Go ahead, push the play button on this YouTube video, I’m sure you’ll love it. When you get a chance go to iTunes and support this artist; play the EP at your next gathering, and stay up till 6 a.m. - I hope you’ll wake up in your bed the next day.

Peace and blessing

Red Arlington’s “It’s the Weekend”

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