Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Butterflies, Lipstick, and Hand Grenades- Chris Marsol

Marsol and his buddies made this record the old-fashioned way; they got together in a room and played. Most mixtures of this type are a watered down, sloppy, undefined mess. This project, however, is unique, bold and confident with its own texture and attitude" - Music Remedy.

I’ve heard an album recorded the exact same way, but it sounds nothing like Chris Marsol’s, Butterflies, Lipstick, and Hand Grenades. This album can not be compared to anything that’s out right now: it’s full of passion, raw artistic talent, depths, color, diversity, Rock, Pop, & Soul; and if you think you can compare Marsol to any other artist after hearing this album, you were not listening- so go back to track 1 on your iPod and try again.

Actor/Singer/Songwriter Chris Marsol is from the San Francisco Bay Area; home of the 60’s hippie movement, the Black Panther Party, and Psychedelic Rock. That decade is long gone, but its spirit and influences still live on. Marsol is a product of this environment, but he has started a new movement/revolution with his music. So what does the title, Butterflies, Lipstick, and Hand Grenades, mean? “There is no meaning until you create one”, Marsol says.

This album is a musical journey; on this journey the songs are stories, and those stories are like hearing a poet speak at an Open Mic venue-except there is a really tight band behind this one. If you’re the kind of person that really listens for the words in a song, you won’t be able to deny that Marsol is a very strong song writer. His voice is the most powerful instrument on this record, making every track special and unique- no song on this album sounds the same- Danae Braggs said it best, “Like a hearty home cooked meal or an iced cold glass of water this new album fills a baron void and quenches a dry thirst.”

I love this quote because it’s a picturesque description of how rare it is to hear really great music, and it kind of makes me hungry- I’m kidding!

I heard the album after I accepted Marsol’s twitter request, and visited his website. I saw his photo and thought to myself, “Hmm, he’s cute-wonder what he does?” little did I know I’d be blown away by this very gifted musician- I hate surprises, but I really enjoyed this one.

There will be critics, and crazy people who will think Marsol should be an R&B or Hip Hop artist, but need I remind you that when Little Richard and Chuck Berry did their music it was called Rock & Roll. Now, this isn’t about who started what kind of music, I just strongly believe that this man is right at home when it comes to genre. This album is not about color: it’s about love, freedom, expression and music- It’s simply a masterpiece.

I love acoustic and electric guitars, one of the many reasons why, Butterflies, Lipstick, and Hand Grenades is now one of my favorite albums. Support this artist! Tell all your family, friends, co-workers, and Local DJ’s about it. I wish Chris Marsol all the best for 2010, and I’m sure that, before we all know it, Chris Marsol will be a household name. Check out his video “3 In The Morning”; it was featured on Myspace as one of the best indie artist to watch. Chris has performed at the Hard Rock Cafe, The Palms, & Vegas Music Experience with Tommy Lee and Dave Navarro, just to name a few . Chris Marsol has also donated time, performances, and money to charities such as: the American Cancer Society, Feed the Children, and Universal Healthcare.

Read what others are saying about Chris Marsol, and Butterflies, Lipstick, and Hand Grenades:

"Marsol's album is described as bringing the rock lover, the soul
lover and the pop music lover together in one blissful Technicolor
orgy, celebrating life and music outside the lines of race, creed and
color"- Patrick Luce, Monsters and Critics.

"This guy out of the Bay area is so amazing. You MUST check him out!!!
His new album Butterflies, Lipstick & Hand Grenades will be out this

3 In the Morning Will be hitting airwaves soon. Look for interviews, TV Shows, giveaways, and tour dates on his website.

Enjoy the video!
3 In the Morning By Chris Marsol
Peace and Blessings

Watch 3 In the Morning By Chris Marsol
on YouTube v=8qrJlbNm6Vg

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