Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I Like Dat!

 Profanity is the easy way out for this rapper- that’s why he prefers not to use it. This Flint Michigan Hip- Hop artist decided to turn to spirituality and add “Minister” next to his hustler name “Kaine”. Minister Kaine was using & selling drugs at an early age, he even participated in gang activities, but one day things changed. He was advised by the manager of “Tribe Called Quest” to pursue music- and he did just that.

This energetic performer has traveled through the East &West Coast with other artist such as The Ghetto Boys, Scarface, 8Ball & MJG, A Tribe Called Quest, McEhit, and the Late Great Tupac Shakur; he has also enjoyed television placements on MTV’s Laguna Beach, My Super Sweet 16, and MTV Cribs. MK has released his fourth album “The Dead Hood Scrolls” which include Real Out Here (featuring a verse from The Game) and my personal favorite Shawty Like That. This is an Official Club Banger! It’s one of those songs you can drop it low too and have fun with. The hook is very catchy, and this rapper has a wicked (meaning GREAT) lyrical flow- no wonder it’s rapidly getting air play around the country. 

Now, if you see me riding around Florida & my car is vibrating, just know I have Shawy Like That on heavy rotation. I’m usually not a big fan of something like this- most rap artist use degrading and disgusting words towards women- this song has none of that. The song does contain adult content but don’t worry, there are no “F Bombs”, the horrid “B word”, or Sugar Honey Ice Tea’s here. So Enjoy!

Peace and Blessings

Here is the website: 
 feel free to listen to the album, but Shawty Like Dat is the 7th track (under Can't Let You Go)

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