Friday, November 6, 2009

Hey Guys! Hear a Snip from Paker's "Love Myself"

Hey Guys! Check out Parker's song "Love Myself". The song was featured on a Global television sitcom called “The Jane Show”. The chorus of the song sounds like the anthem to all my breaks up, but I don't want to joke about a song that could mean much more. Unfortunately, I was not able to hear the entire song but I heard enough to like it, and write about it. The artist bio gives a great description of the CD:

"... [The CD] examines the point in our lives where we reach moments of personal crisis and how close we come to destruction in our everyday existence."

The Band has built a strong following and shared stages with The Bare Naked Ladies, Finger Eleven, and The Lowest of the Low just to name a few.

Click on this Rising Star Artist link to hear for yourself
Peace and Blessings

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