Sunday, November 22, 2009

Damn! You gotta Hear Gidgets Ga Ga

This high energy, Rock, Pop, Chicago–based trio will have you ‘shakin it’ like nobodies business. Their Album “The Big Bong Fiasco” is another sound I’ve enjoyed this year. Gidgets Ga Ga caught my attention on the Music Maven’s “Rising Star” website; I fell in love with the group immediately. So don’t let this short blog entry fool you- big things come in small packages.

I don’t have a video for you tonight, but I do want to encourage you to check out their Myspace page:

My favorite song is called, “Damn”. If you’ve ever had a moment where you really didn’t give a crap- I know I have- you’re really going to enjoy this; it’s a fast pace grungy, and catchy song. You can find “Damn” at the bottom of their Myspace music player. There is a lot going on the page, but just stay at the top people!

I hope everyone who watched the AMA’s enjoyed it. I’m so proud of Whitney and Micheal for their wins. After you check out Gidgets Ga Ga, tell me what you thought about the award show.

Have a wonderful week people

Peace and Blessings,



  1. Not a bad sound. A couple of songs definitely worthwhile.