Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Barsheem and " A Love All Mine"....

Hello Everyone! 

So I have a confession,  I am not a Twitter girl. Facebook is my thing, but from now on I promise to Tweet more often. I bring this up because so many artist have reached out to me via Twitter,  and I apologize for not getting back to everyone sooner. I have all the  links and I will blog about you guys and girls A.S.A.P. With that being said, let's talk about Barsheem!

Barsheem is a singer, songwriter, producer and native of Brooklyn, New York. His music has a vintage touch to it, and in a world full of empty songs, that's not a bad thing. When you listen to his rendition of " If This World Were Mine"you'll fall in love with a timeless classic all over again.

Barsheem is also an actor. He performed in NBC's American Dreams" as Stephen Caldwell, from the The Orlons; he also played Bobby Freeman (Do the Swim) on the same series. He also got his feature film debut in the motion picture "Dream Girls"; he played a member of  the group Tru-Tones. You may only see a quick glance of him in these projects, but he has done something that many independent artist would dream of. If he's able to land acting roles in television and film, there is no stopping this man from getting his music out to the masses.

Barsheem embodies Soul, R&B, Jazz and NYC. When I listen to his music, I forget I'm in Florida, and I miss cheese fries. ( I know, totally random) . His music is definitely for the grown and sexy, and the lyrical content is like listening to poetry. If you need background music for a romantic evening with your boo- You definitely need to check this crooner out.

 For more information on Barsheem visit his website: 

Check out the Video for his single " A Love All Mine", this song makes me think of a romantic evening in the city, champagne, cuddling, and fuzzy socks (I don't wear heels after six...) Enjoy the music and show Barsheem some love on Twitter and Facebook.  His new album "What Is To Be Major" has been released on Band Camp! It's sensual, conscious, and brilliantly put together. I wish Barsheem much success, and I will keep my eye out for what he will do next. My favorite songs on the album are : Now, Dinner for Two, and of course A Love All Mine

What's your favorite Track?

Peace and Blessings
MIks N.K.A. Tami-Lee

Video for Love All Mine 

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