Sunday, October 19, 2014

Stromae at Terminal 5... A Month Later.

So I went to see Stromae at Terminal 5 on 9/19/2014 and it was awesome!!!!!! So, why didn't I blog about it sooner? Well, I lost most of the footage on my phone, but I found a video on Youtube, and I'm in it... kinda.

Look for the person with the puffy hair holding up her phone- That's me.

So what is my Stromae TERMINAL 5 story?

 When I landed in New York, I wanted to fast forward time and jam out at Terminal 5. I don't get excited about much, but this was a pretty big deal. When the day came my cousin tagged along. We got a pretty good spot in line, and as we waited I observed my surroundings . There was a woman in line that interviewed other fans, and another woman showing off the picture she took with Stromae after his June concert. She bragged about how nice he was, and I could hear her new plans to meet him again after the show. When we got in, the same woman with the photo was skipping the line. Luckily for us, two people put the woman in her place and we didn't see her for the entire concert.

When we finally got settled into the building, a DJ  tried to entertain us and it was the longest hour of my life!! I couldn't wait for him to get off stage, but I was so excited to be enjoying my first actual concert. I would count that 1995 Reggae Sun Fest ordeal, but I almost got shot that day... so I won't.

When the hour ended,  everyone gave a thunderous applause and the DJ vanished. Suddenly, I looked up and I swear I saw Dimitri and the photographer walking around on the second floor. I would have kept watching them upstairs, but I saw Stromae's band appear on stage, and the show had begun.

After the fantastic animation, Mr. Van Haver appeared on  stage and I was absolutely in awe. Some people call it star struck, I call it musician struck because Stromae hates the word "star".

The very handsome, and slender performer gave an amazing show. I couldn't help but wonder if he ever got tired of jumping around like that, but it was electrifying. I couldn't keep my eyes off of him. He's absolutely gorgeous, and his charm makes you feel that when the curtain closes he was a regular guy who just enjoyed entertaining people. He didn't feel like a super star, I felt like I was watching a very talented friend put on a show. He seemed humble, and good humored; although I hadn't ever been at a real concert, I can sense snobbish attitudes from different celebrities when I watch their concert footage. Stromae didn't give us a snobbish or larger than life attitude. That's what really made the show special, and unforgettable. I told the woman in front that it was my first concert, and she said it would change my life forever. She and her family drove 12 hours to come and go to the show: I can't say it changed my life, but I will say, it's not the last Stromae show I will attend.

There was never a dull moment, and I learned to never say French Fries again. I was disappointed with one thing though: I really wanted to hear more songs from his last album. He did perform Alors Danse and Peace or Violence, but I was looking forward to hearing Je cours, Pipi au lit, Te quiero, etc. So the next time I go to a Stromae show, it will not be in America, I think his concerts outside the U.S. are longer, but I could be wrong.

Enjoy the recording that I manage to retrieve below. If you haven't gone to a Stromae show, I hope you will go soon, it is definitely something you will never forget. 

I promise this isn't turning into a Stromae blog: Ausar the Moor, Brittany Williams, Miso Agogo, and Will Harden, and Get Right Gee  Blogs are COMING SOON

Peace and Blessings

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